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Business, Technology & Education

Business, Technology & Educational services

Nez consulting Company is a global group of specialized consultants with the core mandate of providing quality Business, Technology and Educational services. We currently operate with two head offices

Ghana represents western africa whiles Namibia is for southern africa.

Why work with us?

  • Our consultants are expertise in the international market structure.
  • Our Services are delivered within the shortest possible time and 100% accurate.

  • All our services are clearly stated and have no hidden agendas.

  • Working with us is the easiest and the most satisfying service you can ever get.

Our areas of expertise

Business registration

Business management

Financial accounting

Graphics and web design

Electronic Commerce

Online Applications & services

Bulk & customized SMS

Hardware and software management

Educational consultancy

Ticket reservations

Our partner companies

Nez consult works with the following partner companies to deliver best, quality and affordable services.

Nez Financial Services CC

Nez finance is a registered micro lending(loan) company based in Namibia.

Nez Technology Ent

Nez Technology is an IT firm based in Ghana.

We’re here to help you grow your business

Our doors are open and you are always welcome. Reach us through any of the following means

  • By reaching us through

    Email –,

    WhatsApp- +233277539799 &  +264817853310

    Call – 0277539799 &  0817853310

  • By Locating any of our partner branches close to you.


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” special offer for new micro lending companies”

Are you interested in establishing a new Micro lending( Cashloan)? Directly contact our experienced manager to guide you with both BIPA and Namfisa registrations.